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150 Ka Dum – CrowdFunding Plan – Earn Money Online

Status of 150 Ka Dum– Paying.

Category – Low-Risk Plan, Crowd-Funding, Matrix MLM Plan India.

Payment Process- Paytm or Bank Deposit.

Availability- India

Investment – Rs.150

150 ka dum

What is 150KaDum?

150 ka dum is a 2×8 forced crowdfunding matrix plan. It will fill automatically. Means anyone can earn Unlimited Income from this plan. Here payment is deposited directly into your Paytm account or Bank Account. I got Rs.6000-7000 Paytm cash in just three weeks. So guys msg me “150 info” on WhatsApp & get full details and Earn money as fast as you can. (I know Hindi language & all the materials is in Hindi language, so msg or call me without hesitate)

Msg me on WhatsApp as “150 info” on “7869263359 to get all videos, audios & promotional materials in the Hindi language of 150 ka dum for earning money.

Call +917869263359 for 150 ka dum joining


How To Join?

1- Go To

2- Enter Your First Name, Last Name, Sponsor ID- 857401 , Enter your Address, City Name, Pincode, Select State, Mobile Number, Email ID (leave it blank if you don’t have any), Skip Pan card, Enter Bank Details & Click on Submit.

how to join 150kadum

how to register on 150 ka dum

3- Now Select anything like “To start a Business” or “Volunteer & Click on Submit.

150kadum opt out

4- After Registration, you will get your User Name and Password.

member id

5- Now Login with your User Name and Password.

6- Now Click on Skip Step & Continue.

7- On dashboard, you can see the bank details for your Sponsor.


8- To Activate Your WebLink, you must have to Pay Rs.150 on this Paytm Number- 9111162125)

9- After Payment > Click on Upload Slip and Select File of payment slip or write transaction no. in remark. (Or Direct Call or WhatsApp me on +919111162125, after payment)

Done! Your ID will get activated within 30 Minutes.



Relevant points?

  • Every person must sponsor 2 members.
  • You can join infinite direct referral from your ID and can earn Rs. 150/- from your Direct Referal. They will automatically meet your level.
  • After Registration, your ID will not be activated till you don’t deposit Rs. 150/- to your sponsor Paytm or bank account.
  • You have to pay Upgrade Payments with 48 hours. Otherwise, your ID will be locked from the system forever (except holidays).
  • Only Deposit amount in the a/c of the person mentioned in your Link. Be Confirmed before you pay.
  • Kindly fill all the banking details.
  • Anyone can upgrade his level before time


150 Ka Dum Plan Full Video


How 150 Ka Dum works?

To start with we have to give Rs.150/- to our direct sponsor’s (who told this concept to us) Paytm Cash or Bank deposit or cash to activate your ID. Now you have to make a list all our near & dear once on paper with contact details. After that, you have to tell about the concept to them as per their financial need / dreams & project. Who wants to enroll in this concept fill online form & accepting Rs.150/- and activate them. So that they also start to promoting the concept of 150 ka dum.

This is 2 x 8 Auto Forced crowd funding Matrix Plan. For that, if you are sponsor 3rd person, he will place in empty place of above 2 persons. And you get that sponsor income in 150kadum.


Level Upgrade Procedure?

As you become registered, you have to deposit Rs.150 into your Sponsor Bank Account to activate your ID & now you join members to your downline.
NOTE: Do not Upgrade except you have received any msg about that.
1st Level Upgrade: Now you have to join two members. These two members are now your First downline. You can earn Rs.300 from them (Rs.150 x 2 = Rs.300). From this Rs.300, immediately you have to pay Rs. 300 to your sponsor to update for Level 2. Your total earnings will be Rs.300 – Rs.300 = Rs.0
2nd Level Upgrade: Now you don’t need to join anybody at this level. You will have four members in your 2nd downline, and you will get Rs. 300/- from each member (Rs.300 x 4 = Rs.1,200). From this Rs. 1,200/-, immediately you have to pay Rs. 600/- to your sponsor to upgrade your ID for 3rd Level. Your total earnings will be Rs.1,200 – Rs.600 = Rs.600.
3rd Level Upgrade: Now you don’t need to join anybody at this level. You will have eight members in your 3rd downline, and your will get Rs. 600/- from every member (Rs.600 x 8 = Rs.4,800). From this Rs.4,800/- your have to pay Rs.2,000 to your sponsor to update your ID for 4th Level. Your total earnings will be Rs.4,800 – Rs.2,000 = Rs.2,800.
4th Level Upgrade: Now you don’t need to join anybody at this level. You will have sixteen members in your 4th downline, and you will get Rs.2,000/- from per member (Rs.2,000 x 16 = Rs.32,000). Again from this Rs.32,000 you have to pay Rs.4,000/- to your sponsor to update your ID for 5th Level. Your total earnings will be Rs.32,000 – Rs.4,000 = Rs.28,000.
5th Level Upgrade: Now you don’t need to join anybody at this level. You will have 32 members in your 5th downline, and you will get Rs.4,000/- from per member (Rs.4,000 x 32 = Rs.1,28,000). Again from this Rs. 1,28,000 you should to pay Rs.8,000 to your sponsor to update your ID for 6th Level. Your total earnings will be Rs. 1,28000 – Rs.8000= Rs. 1,20,000.
6th Level Upgrade: Now you don’t need to join anybody at this level. You will have sixty-four(64) members in your 6th downline, and you will get Rs.8,000/- from per member (Rs.8,000 x 64 = Rs.5,12,000). Again from this Rs. 5,12,000 you must to pay Rs.16,000 to your sponsor to update your ID for 7th Level. Your total earnings will be Rs. 5,12000 – Rs.16000= Rs. 4,96,000.
7th Level Upgrade: Now you don’t need to join anybody at this level. You will have 128 members in your 7th downline, and you will get Rs.16,000/- from per member (Rs.16,000 x 128 = Rs.20,48,000). Again from this Rs. 20,48,000 you must to pay Rs.32,000 to your sponsor to update your ID for 6th Level. Your total earnings will be Rs. 20,48000 – Rs.32000= Rs. 20,16,000.
8th Level Upgrade: Now you don’t need to join anybody at this level. You will have 256 members in your 8th downline, and you get Rs.32,000/- from each member (Rs.32,000 x 256= Rs. 81,92,000). Now from that Rs.81,92,000, you don’t need to pay any amount to anyone. Because that is only 8 Level Plan.

150kadum review plan

YOUR TOTAL INCOME WILL BE = 600+2800+28,000+1,20,000+4,96,000+20,16,000+81,92,000=Rs.1,08,55,400
  • Now you say, all right but I don’t want to do anything. 
  • I don’t want to tell plan to anyone.
  • Still can I earn Rs. 1,08,55,400?
  • No


Proofs of Paytm Cash Received & Paid for 150kadum

150kadum paytm proof

150kadum payment proof


Legal Documents?

Articles of Association

TAN Number

Memorandum of Association

Shop Act Certificate


Final Verdict

150 Ka Dum is a genuine plan but it is useless. You can get your income upto only 3 Levels, then you got no upgrade in it. So Better you could join Pesa Marketing in Just Rs.100 Joining (Call me on +917011933380 for more details of Pesa) and Earn LifeTime Commissions by Joining 1 Person Only.

Comment Below if any have query or opinion

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  1. Bro 2nd 3rd level tak toh thik hai. par agar senier ne 4th level k baad paisa lekar seneir ne account upgrade nahi kiya toh. Puri level ki line bigad jayegi aur downline wale KO phir kya jawab denge.

    1. bhai vo log karenge hi, unko sirf approve karna hota hai koi paise nahi lagte approve ke aur inki team bhi ruk jaegi agar vo upgrade nahi karenge to

      1. 4levl ka bhi sponsor Apki I’d approved karega q ki use bhi upar jana h

        1. ha karega hi

          1. but possibility hai ki agar 4th level ya koi bhi upline wali id jise pese ja rhe hai wo koi reason se approve na kare then is situation main kya kre.

    2. (150kadum se bahot zayada earning hai)
      whatsapp number- 8866860369

      1. aap whatsapp par msg kijiy “150” likh kar “9669308080” par

      2. Mujhe join hona hai

        1. 7054068985 msg me on whtsp for joining

          1. can u please help me out an shre the details out to me

        2. mssg kro my whatsapp no 7784844671

    3. isme company ka kya fayda or kisi ne kmaya bhi h ya vaise hi lutne ka ka kam h or koi haryana ka ho to btana

      1. genuine company hai, lutne ka koi kaam nahi hai (agar lutna hi hota to esa plan nahi banate, jo logo ko smjhne mai time lage). Call +919179246785, +917773807171 or +917869263359 for joining

      2. I m from haryana dist mohinder garh yes I earn

    4. what is the process

      1. Normal contact me on my watsup type”150 “my watsup num 9467835559


    6. Ek baat btaiyega ki hum jo do members jodenge wo hi bassh aur nhi jodna hai kya

      1. aap kitne bhi members ko jod sakte ho, jitne zayada members join karoge utna hi zayada profit hoga

    7. aisaa krne pe seniour ki id block ho jyegi tm uske jagah aajaoge aur wo junior tmhari jagah but…. koi bhi aisaa nhi krega kyu jab tak junior aage nhi badhenge tab tak seniour bhi nhi badhenge

    8. if any one wants to join 150 ka dum… then mssg me on whatsapp +917784844671 i will give full details and trust me your 150 is not go any where just register then you got too much money…… messege me

  2. I want Audio in english language.

  3. How much one can earn maximum refering 5 friend

    1. minimum rs. 1000-2000 aur maximum depend on work

      1. what is the process kindly send all detail on my watts app no 9816099849. i m intrusted.


    2. Guys aap me se kise ne money earn kiya hai kya 150 k dum me

      1. mene 3 mahine mai 20000 kama liye hai

  4. Tricksbot bakyas hogayahe koyi acha Offer nahi de rahahe

    1. Abhi koi acha offer nahi aa raha, roz ke bahot apps aate hai par sabhi fakes rehte hai. Mai sirf vohi post karta hu jo genuine ho..

  5. How can i register

    1. 1- Click Here to Register

      2- Enter Details & Click on Submit.(Sponsor Id or Member Id- 857401)

      3- After Registration you will get your user ID and Password on your Mobile Number & Email.

      4- Now Just send 150 Rs to me via Paytm to this number – 8109934662.

      5- After sending payment > my WhatsApp:- 8109934662 (Write Rs. 150 then your Name and msg me) & i approve you instantly


      1. mahesh bhai join ho gye kya 150 ka dum me

  6. Koibhi nayei offer abtak nahi AI hye kuch to nayei offer leke aoo pizzzzzzz.?

  7. hello how can i get Rs 5000 in exchange of 1000 want to know full details.

  8. Contact me.
    My id

  9. OK Vijay, I am a member of 150 ka dum..if u want to join just give me a valid a/c no along with pan card.. Address and name with a/c details. After that , pay me only 150 . I will let u join

  10. dear,
    i want to join but you have asked not to register before you reply. Waiting for the same, my what’s up no is 9*301802**. Please reply at earliest.

    1. Msg me again with your name

  11. how to change mobile no, by mistake maine galat mobile no dal diya. plzzz help me

    1. go to profile> update profile > Click on Set Transactional Password > then click on verification code > Enter otp which you received on your phone. Enter new transaction password. Finally go to Profile > update profile & Change your mobile number.

  12. आप अधिक काम करो या न करो आपकी इनकम Rs.1,08,55,400/- रूपये हो सकती है?
    यह 2×8का फोर्स्ड मैट्रिक्स प्लान है। और ऑटोमेटिकली भरेगा। मतलब हर कोई इस प्लान से Rs.1,08,55,400/- रूपये प्राप्त कर सकता है। यहाँ पेमेंट डायरेक्ट आपके बैंक खाते में जमा होता है।
    ये कैसे काम करता है ?

    शुरुवात में आपको 150/- रूपये आपके स्पांसर के बैंक खाते में जमा करना होता है। जैसे ही आपने 150/-रूपये स्पांसर के खाते में जमा किये आपकी ID एक्टिवेट होती है। और आपकी इनकम शुरू होती है। आप लोगो को यह प्लान बताना शुरू करे, जो भी व्यक्ति ज्वाइन होना चाहेगा वो डायरेक्ट आपके बैंक खाते में 150/- रूपये जमा करेगा। यह 8 लेवल का 2×8 का ऑटो फोर्स्ड मैट्रिक्स प्लान है। इसलिए आप 4th व्यक्ति ज्वाइन करेंगे वो आपके पहले ज्वाइन व्यक्ति के निचे आएगा जहा जगह खाली होगी वहा, और 150 रूपये स्पांसर को, मतलब जिसके रेफरल से ज्वाइन हुआ है ऊसे मिलेगा! रजिस्टर्ड करने के बाद आपके EMAIL ID और MOBILE पर आपका USER ID & PASSWORD आ जायेगा जिसको लॉग इन करने पर स्पोंसर के बैंक खाता की सम्पूर्ण जानकारी मिल जाएगी !
    यह प्लान 8 लेवल में चलता है। 8 लेवल तक आपको अपनी ID अपग्रेड करनी जरुरी होती है।

    अपग्रेड कब और कैसे करनी है, और शर्ते क्या है :-

    जैसा ही आपका रजिस्ट्रेशन होता है, Activation हेतु 150/- रूपये स्पांसर के बैंक खाते में जमा करके आपकी ID Activate हो जाती है। और आप अपने लेवल 1st मे नये मेम्बर्स को लगा सकते है।

    (समझने के लिए नीचे विस्तार से पढ़े)

    1. लेवल अपग्रेड: अब आपको 2 मेम्बर ज्वाइन करवाना है। वही 2 मेम्बर 1st डाउनलाइन होंगे। उनसे आपकी इनकम 300 रुपये होगी। (Rs. 150 x 2 = Rs. 300). अब उसी Rs.300 में से Rs.300 स्पोंसर को देकर अपनी ID 2nd लेवल के लिए अपग्रेड करना होगा ! आपकी टोटल इनकम होगी Rs.300 – Rs.300 = Rs.00.

    2. लेवल अपग्रेड: अब आपको किसी को ज्वाइन करने की जरुरत नहीं है. आपके 2nd डाउनलाइन में 4 मेम्बर होंगे जिनसे आपको हर मेम्बर से Rs.300 मिलेंगे (Rs. 300 x 4 = Rs. 1200). अब उसी Rs.1200 में से Rs.600 स्पोंसर को देकर अपनी ID 3rd लेवल के लिए अपग्रेड कराना होगा ! आपकी टोटल इनकम होगी Rs.1,200 – Rs.600 = Rs.600.

    3. लेवल अपग्रेड: इस लेवल में भी आपको किसी को ज्वाइन करवाने की जरुरत नहीं है आपके 3rd डाउनलाइन में 8 मेम्बर होंगे जिनसे आपको प्रत्येक मेम्बर Rs.600 मिलेंगे (Rs.600 x 8 = Rs.4,800) अब उसी Rs.4,800 में Rs.2,000 स्पोंसर को देकर अपनी ID 4th लेवल के लिए अपग्रेड कराना होगा ! आपकी टोटल इनकम होगी Rs.4,800 – Rs.2,000 = Rs.2,800.

    4. लेवल अपग्रेड: इस लेवल में भी आपको किसी को ज्वाइन करवाने की जरुरत नहीं है आपके 4th डाउनलाइन में 16 मेम्बर होंगे जिनसे आपको प्रत्येक मेम्बर Rs.2,000 मिलेंगे (Rs.2,000 x 16 = Rs.32,000) अब उसी Rs.32,000 में से Rs.4,000 स्पोंसर को देकर अपनी ID 5th लेवल के लिए अपग्रेड कराना होगा ! आपकी टोटल इनकम होगी Rs.32,000 – Rs.4,000 = Rs.28,000.

    5. लेवल अपग्रेड: इस लेवल में भी आपको किसी को ज्वाइन करवाने की जरुरत नहीं है आपके 5th डाउनलाइन में 32 मेम्बर होंगे जिनसे आपको प्रत्येक मेम्बर Rs.4,000 मिलेंगे (Rs.4,000 x 32 = Rs.76,800) अब उसी Rs. 76,800 में से Rs.4,800 स्पोंसर को देकर अपनी ID 6th लेवल के लिए अपग्रेड कराना होगा। आपकी टोटल इनकम होगी Rs. 1,28,000 – Rs.8,000 = Rs. 1,20,000.

    6. लेवल अपग्रेड: इस लेवल में भी आपको किसी को ज्वाइन करवाने की जरुरत नहीं है आपके 6th डाउनलाइन में 64 मेम्बर होंगे जिनसे आपको प्रत्येक मेम्बर Rs.8,000 मिलेंगे (Rs.8,000 x 64 = Rs.5,12,000) अब उसी Rs. 5,12,000 में से Rs.16,000 स्पोंसर को देकर अपनी ID 7th लेवल के लिए अपग्रेड कराना होगा। आपकी टोटल इनकम होगी Rs. 5,12,000 – Rs.16,000 = Rs. 4,96,000.

    7. लेवल अपग्रेड: इस लेवल में भी आपको किसी को ज्वाइन करवाने की जरुरत नहीं है आपके 7th डाउनलाइन में 128 मेम्बर होंगे जिनसे आपको प्रत्येक मेम्बर Rs.16,000 मिलेंगे (Rs.16,000 x 128 = Rs.20,48,000) अब उसी Rs. 20,48,000 में से Rs.32,000 स्पोंसर को देकर अपनी ID 6th लेवल के लिए अपग्रेड कराना होगा। आपकी टोटल इनकम होगी Rs. 20,48,000 – Rs.32,000 = Rs. 20,16,000.

    8. लेवल अपग्रेड: इस लेवल में भी आपको किसी को ज्वाइन करवाने की जरुरत नहीं है आपके 8th डाउनलाइन में 256 मेम्बर होंगे जिनसे आपको प्रत्येक मेम्बर Rs.32,000 मिलेंगे (Rs.32,000 x 256= Rs. 81,92,000) अब उस Rs. 81,92,000 में से आप को किसी को भी कुछ भी रकम अपग्रेड के लिए देना नहीं है क्यों की प्लान सिर्फ 8 लेवल तक ही है।

    आपकी टोटल इनकम होगी =
    600+2,800+28,000+1,20,000+4,96,000+20,16,000+81,*अगर आप सब लोग सिर्फ 1 active joinings देते है par day और अपनी टीम के members

    1. Pl call on 08308031099

    2. 150 kharch karo lakho kamao bahut achhi palan hai

  13. Right business

  14. nice plan

    1. Thank You for commenting.

  15. Superb..plan 4 earning

  16. Mujhe support krne Wala up line chahiye i

  17. I am waiting 4 your support
    Mai jharkhand ka rahne Wala hu

    1. Whatsapp or call on this number for support – +917869263359

  18. Mujhe metiryal chahiye

    1. Whatsapp on this number- 7869263359 for materials

  19. Thank you bro I got my money

    1. your welcome & keep visiting here for more earning tricks

      1. 150 ka dum me company ka kya fayeda hai?

        1. maintenance charge leti hai company

  20. 1 lakh kitna din lagega earn karne mein

  21. how much you got

  22. i am intrsted


    1. Contact to this number for 150 ka dum joining related – +917869263359

  24. Sir
    I’m chetan varshney
    I’m from aligarh uttar pradesh
    I’m student
    I’m interested
    Business plan
    150 kaise aap ko transfer kare

    1. whatsapp me on 9669308080 with your name bro. aap 150 bank ke through ya paytm se send kar skte ho

    2. 9717993857 mera whatsapp contact kijiye

  25. I want to know in detail. Pls let me know in my mail.

    1. ok

  26. Contact him for teamtriumph +918251989092

  27. mjhe business krne ki nd joining ki dettails de full information my no…9406514543

  28. Isme apne niche walo ke bare me kaise pata chalega ki level kaha tak pahucha

    1. aap my network mai jakar level check kar sakte ho aur geneonolly se aap kiske niche kon hai vo dekh sakte ho

  29. Hi plz replay mere dost ne galti se manual upgrade kiya hai or use o cancel karna hai toh o Kaiser kare

    1. jiske pass gaya hai use call karo aur bolo ki uska upgrade cancel karde, to ho jaega..

      1. Bhai please activate my link i have used your sponsor ID 123131,my id is 671500 i have already paid through Paytm.

        1. It’s Already Activated. Please Check

  30. What I find so intenestirg is you could never find this anywhere else.

  31. 150 me kitne level tak income atti hai sirji

    1. Unlimited Levels tak aati hai aur isme aap level 8 tak upgrade kar sakte ho

  32. yaar mujhe b join karna hai

  33. What is the axact profit in this busines i want to knw more details clearly, can any body cn explain.

    1. sir , profit aapki aur aapki team ki working pe depend krta h ……
      jitne jyada active member hoge utni fast earning hogi….

      jyada details k liye ..
      whatsapp me on 7869263359

  34. Badiya Plan Hai,

    1. Ofcourse sir. .

  35. Mera name galat de diya to kaise thik kare please help me

    1. profile mai jake change kar lijiye

  36. Puri jankari k liye, type “150 info” & whatsapp me on 8791946096

  37. Sir/Mam, it’s really working…..
    & this is not fack..

  38. I am from Mumbai. Anybody from Mumbai pls call me or whatsApp me on 9323494036 & give me full details of this plan. I want to join immediately.

  39. Sponcer account I’d kya h

    1. Sponsor id – 857401

  40. sir, i sent u all the details on your no. …..

    if u have any query, u should reply me on my no. 8791946096

  41. my whatshapp no 9973082422
    register link

  42. Dear sir/madam
    wellcome to150kadum
    dosto log kahte hai ki paisa nahi karu to ab Aisa bilkul nahi hai bas aap thoda sa kaam karo bas fir to mony hi mony hai
    sir es company me aapko join hona join hone ke liye whatsaap no 7869263359 par join likh kar msg karo
    sirf 150 rs ki hi to baat hai bahut sare rupay kharch ho jate hai
    esme bhi 1baar 150rs kha
    ch kar do fir dekho kaise paisa aata hai
    jaldi karo time bahut kum hai
    aur 1 baat man se nikal do ki frod hai aisa kuxch bhi nahi hai
    bas es whatsaap no 7869263359 par join likh kar msg kar do

  43. Agar mere neeche wale dono members ne kaam Nai kiya to meri earning bhi ruk jayegi kya

    1. sabhi ki responsibility hai k do joining kareyen, nahi to chain kaise chalegi, aap kisi aur ko bhi un dono ke niche join kara ke work aage badha sakte hain

  44. कोई भी व्यक्ति जुड़ना चाहते वो my whatsapp no 7869263359

  45. Hi guys,how many people got total amount at level-8.???
    Is anybody got this money????

    1. nope, not yet

  46. MAdhav mandloi

  47. Jisko bhi business krna hai WO mere WhatsApp no 08821888863 par msg kre mai pura plan samjha dunga or mera upar link se business start bhi kar sakte hai

  48. May I know the joining procedure and sponsor ID?

    1. Sponsor ID- 857401, Read Post Again to Getting Details & Procedure of 150 ka dum joining

  49. bhai log me lvl 2 hi tha aur mera downline lvl 3 ban gaya. mere tree k hisab se usse mujhe 600 dena tha par abhi usse msg aya ki usko mere se upline ko dena hoga… ab mujhe samajh nahi aa raha ki mera 4800 kaise pura hoga….

  50. how ill I join

  51. bro digideal tho faad gyi

  52. Isme payment bank me nai ho sakta kya

    1. Ha Ho sakta hai

    2. jaroor ho sakta hai.

  53. have u found the detail or still awaited

  54. aapne join kiya ? 8130997500

  55. aapne www. click karke form submit karna h msg aa jayega aapke paas aapk joinning ka

  56. How much have you earned till date ? is it worth joining.. ?

    1. I have earned 35000 approx in 6-7 months.

      Yes, it is worth joining if you want to make money. But it needs hard work in start-up

  57. mujhe plan pasand hai

  58. i m interested how can i contact you

    1. hema have u joined

  59. where these people get information and say i’ll join

  60. if i say i’ll join then who’ll help

  61. Account upgraded Krna yaa downline mai member add Krna ka koi time limit tho nhi hai???

    1. nahi

  62. Important Notes: (You have to give money to upgrade your account within 48hrs, only otherwise your will be cancelled.)

    Iska kya matlab hai?????



  63. Hello

  64. kindly send me details about it…… m interested watz app 9060609647

  65. Show me proff of earnings

  66. i want to know that what is the profit to the company or the person who start this business. means peoples are earning its ok but what is the benifits to the owner of the company.

  67. Suppose take the worst case.
    I gave the money to my upliner, but he/she did not upgrade me (May be for any reason). What can I do there ?
    How can I upgrade my account ?
    Reply me..

  68. Mujy bhi join krna h

  69. Sir mene ese join pahle join kiya tha or 150 rs bhi diye the or usne 1 level upgrate bhi kar diya tha mera… but phir mere niche k logo ne joining nhi karwai or meri team wahi atak gyi
    Dear admin agr me aapke sponser id se join hounga to kya aap meri refer id ko pramote karoge kya..
    wese mere code pramote karne se aapki team bhi to badegi so plz plz
    aap ne hr bar mere refer code pramote kiye h is bar bhi kr dena sir
    I also see tricksbot site. & i am reguler user this site
    plz sir mere refer code pramote krna
    tnx in advance

  70. Very nice

  71. DId any one reach the target

  72. मैं 4 month में 38000 कमा पाया हूं

  73. Mujhe bhi join hona h

    1. Mukhtar alam bhai apna nmbr diye

  74. kamane ka achha tarika minimum rs 150

  75. Any one want to join ?
    150 ka dum can earn thousand of rupees sitting at home
    My whatsapp nmbr 9151486605..
    Msg me for details

    1. kaise bhai

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  77. bakwas he
    3rd level upfrade:-
    you will get rs 600/- from every member(Rs600x8=Rs4800)
    every member have give only 150/- than how will i earn 600/- each member

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