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How to Add Password on Paytm Wallet (New Feature)

As you know Because of demonetization in India, Paytm spread across most of all over the city and retailers to accept Payment. And help to make Cashless economy in India.

PayTm launched an App password for your Paytm wallet. So if you lose your phone, your Paytm wallet remains safe and to protect users from any misuse of their money.

paytm password lock

Paytm has always given most attention to the security of your money in the Paytm Wallet. Our permit of trust that you see in our App was created with the intent to surety its users from any misuse/ ill-usage of their money.

Paytm App is Now in Almost All Android Phones, So you have to secure your Android and paytm wallet, they launched an App password for your Paytm wallet.

How To Set App Password on your Paytm Wallet?

1) First of all set a Lock screen password for your Mobile. [Phone’s Settings > Security > Screen Lock > Select Screen Lock. You can choose Pin, Password, Pattern or Fingerprint to protect your Device.]

2) This App password feature is available in the Latest Updated Version of Paytm App

3) open your PayTm App and Login / Signup.


4) Click on Pay option or Passbook option on Dashboard of Paytm.

5) Now a screen come out and that to Enable Security Features click there.

6) then confirm your screen password, Now you App Password is set.

paytm protection

7) Now next time when you click on “Pay” or “Passbook,” you will be prompted to enter your App password you have just enabled.

8) If you want to turn off this Featured then simply Go to Profile > Security & Settings > Android Security Feature > Slide it off.

Paytm Wallet is protected even if you lose your phone. If someone does not know your personal PIN/Pattern, then he or she will not be able to Send Money or see your Passbook

This feature is coming soon on Paytm iPhone App.

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