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Status of Coinomia– Paying.

Category – Cloud Mining, MLM, Low-Risk Plan

Payment processors – Bitcoin

Availability- Worldwide

Minimum Investment- 100$

Minimum Withdrawal – 0.001 BTC


Coinomia is a new earning opportunity which is based on “Cloud Mining,” owned by Phil Lewis. It is a program that provides people to mine bitcoins without even having to own and maintain hardware equipment. This company has been in the mining industry since early 2014.

Coinomia is a Mining Company that provides the user a program to mine bitcoins without keeping and maintaining an elaborate hardware service. They rent the most experienced and reliable equipment for mining to generate profits for the users. Users can also earn Incentive by inviting friends to Coinomia.

Coinomia has Like data centers in India and China, and uses the ASIC technology to mine bitcoins at a mind-blowing speed! And not only bitcoin. You can distribute your power allotment alternately among mining different other rising cryptocurrencies for maximum profit, as well! Coinomia supplies their data centers with “natural energy,” and generates torrents of never-ending energy, using solar batteries. India and China are great places for accumulating the energy of the sun, as the sun is shining brightly there all the year!

How Coinomia Generates Income?

They rent the most experienced & reliable equipment for mining to generate profits for the users.


Coinomia Packages?

Coinomia offers three different kinds of Mining Contracts/Packages for sale. Those Contracts come with a certain Mining Power, Direct Referral Commission percentage and a corresponding “Potential Value,” which we’ll talk about a bit later.

  1. Pool Contract Price = $100
  2. Machine Contract Price = $1000, and
  3. Rack Contract Price = $10,000

They offer Reduced contract prices for a limited time.

Estimated Income of each of those Packages/Contracts

How to Earn Money from Coinomia?

1- Referral Commission

Every time you invite a person to join Coinomia, you will be rewarded with a Direct Referral Commission of 8-12% (depending on the type of the Mining Contract that you’ve purchased) on each Contract purchase made by him!

2- Binary Income

Binary System at Coinomia is based on the “Potential Value” associated to both of your Binary Legs and every referral of yours, in particular. The more is the price of your referral’s Mining Contract, the bigger payment you’ll potentially receive for having him in one of your Legs!

Potential Value of each of the Mining Contracts has:

You must have both of your Legs “filled” with at least a referral of yours to be suited for Binary payments!

3- Repurchase Income

Repurchase Binary highlights table binary in the various of 3:3, 9:9, 27:27, 81:81, 243:243, 729:729, 2187:2187 & 6561:6561. You can make up to $65610 every day if you & your team makes the level enough. To get the benefits of Repurchase, you require to repurchase the product and get incentives from your downline members.

Is Free member Can Earn?

You can also make income without even buying any contract/package through by direct referrals.


Make a free account
Refer people’s using your referral link. Introduce them to Coinomia.
Develop your team. Like the time your team makes any purchase, you will be eligible for a Direct Referral Commission of 5% of their contract!

Though, Free users can’t benefit from the Binary system except they purchase a Mining Contract until the current 24 hour cycle expires.

Positive Points

  • Coinomia is a new right now so you can get many numbers of contacts or affiliates in short time.
  • The basic plan needs only $100, means maximum people can afford to join.
  • Easy to invite members.
  • There are multiple streams of income thus you can reach your monthly income goal in short period
  • The Coinomia MLM is growing faster than the usual.

Negative Points

  • MLM does not go well for beginners
  • The $100 is not an ideal option for beginners.
  • Requires Bitcoin.
  • Must know Internet Marketing
  • Free account validity is only 24 hours

Contact Info Of Coinomia

Coinomia Technology LTD

1 St Saviours Wharf, 23 Mill Street, London

SE1 2BE, 02031290842

Coinomia Review

Well, I have been promoting Zarfund, and the plan works not totally close to Coinomia, but the cost is very smaller and needs only two people to make money $500-$10,000 per month easily. Despite not everyone will be successful. Therefore if you’re someone who was just looking for an affordable system rather than paying $100 for Coinomia, then I would advise you to look at Zarfund or any similar program that require little investment.

For others, Coinomia can be a life turning MLM service. In my opinion, MLM & Affiliate Programs manage to last for several years.

Coinomia seems so promising, and you are not wasting anything, you can try it for $100, or now for free, as my experience don’t miss such a chance. By the way, Invest what you can bear to lose.

For now, you can register as a free Coinomia member and get to know as what are the income streams and how much money potentially you can make with it.

JOIN COINOMIA (Use Gmail on sign up)

Comment below your Opinions about this plan.

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