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TeeSpring : Make Money Online by Selling T-shirts Online at Free!

If you ask me, what is the peaceful way to make money online then my answer would be – TeeSpring! The greatest part is that you do not need to have any website to get started & secondly, you can start with ZERO investment.

Teespring is the most trending form to make money online and is becoming popular quickly, people sharing their income screenshots are common these days & no more unique. It has the primary source of revenue for a tremendous part of internet marketers. You know even you can begin to make money online by selling t-shirts on Teespring! Having no experience and with a knowledge attitude, all newbie can become moneyed.

make money teespring

So, what we are working to do here?

We are going to sell T-Shirts! That sounds crazy, Right? Yes, but believe me it is not hard at all.

Let us begin.

Basic requirements?

  • Internet connection
  • Creativity (most important)

Make Money Online with TeeSpring?

Before proceeding further, let me present you to the teespring. It is an online marketplace of T-Shirts where you can buy Tees of your selection. You can either customize yourself or buy ready-made.

Process flow:

Create an awesome t-shirt design > Launch campaign > people order your shirt > you earn money > TeeSpring will handle rest of the things like printing & delivering that shirt.

To start with, you need to open a new account through this link. Now, login & click on ‘create & sell.’

Then you will have an editor like this:

launch teespring campaign

It is quite easy to use, no technical stuff at all. Just enter text, some cool symbols from inbuilt artwork & you are ready to go!

On the right-hand side, you will find styling & designing options. Choose the quality of material (high quality means higher price). I prefer Hanes Tagless Tee because they are comparably cheaper & give great returns on investment.

Here’s a sample of my t-shirt design:

make money from teespring

Once you are done with design part, click on ‘sell this’ option. Then set your goal, means how much t-shirts you want to print. Nothing to describe much here, pretty simple. Just go with 20 to 50 number.

If you scroll down a little, there will be an ‘apparel’ option. Teespring not just sells tees, but they also offer coffee mug, bags, hoodies, sweatshirt & many additional products. Just customize them though you want at no extra cost. More products = more profits

choose price

Then edit the price that you want. I will advise going with lesser price. You will get fewer benefits (in the range of $2/sell) but to experiment something out, you must set low-profit margins at the opening.

Click on next button again to proceed moreover.

It is time to apply your creativity. Give a friendly & attractive title to your design & describe it shortly. I am not so good at it, but still, I will give you slight idea:

how to give title

Pick up the suitable category & finally start your campaign!

If your design is really excellent, then you will get bank active. I have seen many guys making more than $5000 per month using this Teespring method with some great strategies and tactics.

So, be creative & create something that people would love to buy. To make this a little simple, I will suggest you do these things:

  1. Open your facebook account & see right sidebar. There you will see a list of trending topics. Pick up one of them in which you see likely & start making t-shirts right away.
  2. Secondly, go to & view which Facebook post is getting shared maximum in last 48 hours. Then check what is their niche & create tees related to it.
  3. Alternatively, visit to get the list of popular searches on Google. Know you know what to do next!


How Emily Johnson made over $26,424 with Teespring

facebook teespring


I want to give you behind the scene look of my performing ads this is a product that I’m running it’s a t-shirt called “Good Bad Hot Mess” and this as you can see my lifetime analytics and Facebook Ads. I began this campaign in 3rd February & it is quiet running so as you can see as the top is my highest performing ad. I have got on that ad and reach & the cost per engagement as 4 cents it is post page engagement, cost me $3.18 on 318 total checkouts just on this on ad set, and I have still had three running of this campaign.



I have spent a total of $5,442,27 on this one ad okay and its showing I have the total of 1,404 checkouts, and truly it is more than that I show you the analytics to my Teespring campaign and that have clearly had 1839 orders & I made a profit of $26,424. So that is a Return on Investment (ROI)= 385% I aspired to show you this ad to let you see that what proper targeting can do for your campaigns & I have yet to touch all the audience for this product.

Download the PDF

Now you adequately know what Teespring is and how you can make money from Teespring via selling your creative shirt designs without spending or investing money. The hidden lesson you learned behind making money from Teespring is reaching your target audience and promote your T-shirt campaign links with them. Check original post of Emily Johnson by Click Here.

Click here to Join Teespring

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