Review – It’s a Scam? (Complete Details)

Status of Rosnefthedgefund– Not Paying

Category- Scam, Very High-Risk Plan

Payment processors- Bitcoin, INR Bank

Minimum Investment- 125$ (Rs.8750)

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What is Rosneft?

Rosneft is a global energy company with significant assets located in Russia and diversified holdings in promising quarters of international oil and gas sector, including assets in many countries. Rosneft is a leader in oil refining in Russia.

Now let’s talk about Rosneft hedgefund Ponzi Plan. There is no connection between Rosneft & Rosnefthedgefund; both are different. Rosnefthedgefund uses the name of to show authority.

What is Rosneft Hedge Fund?

Rosnefthedgefund is a Ponzi scheme, which is made to steal people’s hard money by using the name of reputed company “Rosneft” Oil Company. Further, there is no information about the owners of this plan. It is just same like which have the Scam in 5 months.

How Much Can I Expect To Earn?

You can earn nothing in this plan. They are giving 8% weekly income without doing anything, 8% refer income & 8% binary matching income. Once, the company reaches their targeted income. Soon the site is going shut.

Alexa Rank

Rosneft is a Russain Base Company, but all the traffic comes from India only. There is no rank of Russia or any other country at all. India is the only target country of this scheme. Let’s look below Alexa rank picture of this plan.

Rosnefthedgefund Review

There’s a complete mess of stupidity tied to all of this that tries to make it seem like Ros Neft has some legit connection with Ros Neft Hedge Fund, but the truth is, they have none at all.

It’s a complete scam although it does not look like trusted & reliable.

Comment below what you think about it or post some genuine plans in the comment box.

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  1. Thanks To Tricksbots.. Share the valuable information.

    1. Welcome & Keep Visiting

  2. Can you give me the review of mazumma affiliate marketing sir?

  3. Thank you so much sir, I was confused to invest in rosneft or not.

    Now I am Clear about it.
    I will never invest in it.

    1. Your welcome & keep visiting

  4. Can you please tell me about DLSRISE

    1. it looks like a genuine plan

  5. Dear admin I will suggest u … Give review regarding rosneft hedge fund but don’t write DONT INVEST … Because u r not confirmed abt weather rosneft is giving money or not… I have taken money through bitcoin many times. . so this company is paying

    Traffic comes from india because … Hedging through mlm concept started from india only by ashish malik and sunil singh chauhan after taking great profit from company from Russia only… We always discuss and tell the truth in each presentation… So traffic from india is genuine…

    1. It is paying right now doesn’t signify that it is not a scam. All companies are paid at his initial stage & then after collecting huge money; the website has closed down.

      It is same as like HYIP ponzi. Check out my article of How HYIP Works!

      By the way, there is no “about us” page in rosnefthedgefund website showing Ashish Malik & Sunil Singh Chauhan is the owner of this company.

      1. Yes, Its totally a SCAM, I got to listen to a talk of one of the person involved in this campaign, who stays in Mumbai. They have started new websites and They have closed down, as it was getting explored by people on internet as a Ponzi and Scam.
        They have hired a foreigner (of non-indian look – probably russian) for promotion of this campaign.
        These websites have NOTHING TO DO WITH (an oil company).

  6. Admin
    My friends made a big blunder for investing the amount of Rs 4.00Lac Approx with company
    the company made a promise to make the invested amount doubled in 6 month
    they made payment weekly in desired ratio
    now what is the process to sort out that problem whether the invested amount will recover or not help me out regarding this problem

    1. I didn’t think that company will longing run for 6 months. Don’t know about amount will getting recover or not.

  7. sir what about one coin,yo coin, bill coin, hk coin,

    1. ye sab kuch time tak chalne vali companies hai, kabhi bhi band ho sakti hai.
      Genuine company karni hai to Pesa Marketing karo, income kam hai par agar team ban gayi to bina kuch kare fix income aana start ho jaegi

      1. About social trade bizs

    1. ye site to exist hi nahi hai !

  8. Can u tell what is the life span of this company rosneft hedge fund

    1. i can’t tell its life

  9. Mr. Admin.
    Thanks for ur suggestions. But if dont have confirmation then R u a astrologer. Since 7 months rosneft hedgefund giving proper returns. Logically all things r proper. Hedgefunding Is worlds most profit generating concept. 5hedgefundmanagers are listed in forbes. In 2015 year top 25 hedgefundmanagers earned 13billion $ . Rosneft oil and gas industry already involved in hedgefunding business. I have got one washington post article about rosneft and hedgedgefund connection. Its high return concept So everyone stick a sticker of Scam. But always do deep research and development and then put ur suggestion.
    In 2009 bitcoin was a Scam. Many well wishers gave advice dont purchase. I didnt purchase due To that well wishers . I have tolisten my subconcious mind not their. I have made a loss of 100cr. Rs.
    Friends life is a gamble. Everyone have to take risk. Bcoz high risk- high profit. Low risk-low profit. No risk-no profit. Although everyone have to take risk in their control. U have to decide ur risk capacity. Dont be greedy. But mind it Dar KE Aage jit hai.
    Afterall first take a knowledge about any concept then decide is it possible or not. If anyone have holding capacity he never get a loss in any business.

    Check Dhirubhai ambanis wickkypedia.
    U will get example that on the basis of holding capacity how Dhirubhai Albani made a hudge profit in BSE.

    Education is life long process. Keep learning.

    Want To Say lot more but enough.

    16 people visited office in russia and rosneft Samara refinary. Check out video on YouTube. Many more going soon To visit.


    1. Hello Mr. Expert, Do you have confirm information about company.? Have you ever visited official member of company ? This is a one kind of scam. How many members in your contact who actually visited company ?

      1. I know 8 peoples whom i Personally know. One of Them is my partner.

    2. well said !!

  10. Hello sir is good or not

  11. Sir ji,

    What about one coin… Shoud i invest or not in onecoin….pls suggest…..


    1. Dont invest return nahi aa raha hai

  12. Dear Praveen jhadhav ji kya hum rosnefthudge fund me invest karte h to kya company uss paise ko kaha invest karti h ,,,bcoz company ka turnover bahat bada h ,,so plz fir company humse kyu invest karwa rahi h ,,or itni badi company rosneft hudge fund ,,MLM me kyu interest diikha rhi h,,kya aap koi suggestion de sakte h ,,agar haa to reply me on my mail ,,,,,

    i m waiting for you reply ,,,

    1. Company hedge simply is liye kar rahe h k vo boss bane world p rule kre in terms of power money and the main thing economic crisis ate h to use balance krne k .. liye. Contact m on 9579920788 on whatss app im investor in company

  13. I have earned in rosneft triple the amount in 3 months (White money)and even seniors who are in royalty club (upto n above 20 lakh member) have visted free tour from company to russia their headquaters in moscow . A table talk of 20 min with egor sechin owner of company and was deputy minister in russia this company turn over is of 350 to 400 billon usd so its not fake. Company they are actually hedging funds .. ? fools people are doing all these rumors . Rosneft and rosnefthedgefund are the same i have legal copy of company tie up papers . Company is working since 1993 now recently for 1 n half years came in india for hedging plz contact me on 9579920788 for details watss app

  14. Every body note above comment is made by mistake and i have no connection with the company in india so IGNORE above MESSAGE and dont call me on 9579920788.
    Im now not with the company

  15. Life team plans

  16. Dear Admin

    Can you tell me, which network type of company almost best? any 1 or 2 company suggest me?

    1. One coin is best

      1. As bitcoin is the best example in front of us

  17. I know 8 peoples Personally Who visited russia. One of Them is partner of mine.

  18. dont invest fraud company

  19. Anybody knows about Rohnert
    It is safe or not
    Please reply please

  20. Hello guy’s
    What’s update about Rosneft hedge fund.

    1. Please whatsup me 8424057729.Lets dicsuss

  21. Last 2 months no payments and only commitment… Please avid as it seems completely fraud….

    1. Its a upgrade time Sir. RHF coin launched. First day listed. Ico broken at 17th feb. 20lakh coin sold. Now till 25 it will listed on c-cex. Com. And withdrawl start in RHF coin which u can convert in btc. It will listed on another exchanes also. Within 2 month Company own exchange will form. Lot of things r in pipeline. Proper things going on. Its not mátter that others Wts opinión. I dont Care. But logically Its a growing company. No one can stop him bcoz Logic is proper.
      Its not necessory that Who is holding But Its very Imp that Whats The Logic that it will grow. Wait and Watch Friends.

      Agar 2 sal Pahale Aisa kisine bola hota ki Kingfisherhedgefund hai to log aakh Mundake invest karate. But Ab Kya hota.

      Lot of things r to Say But i dont want to convence anyone. Bcoz truth never requires proff.

      Be a Businessman and make a Businessman attitude.
      Listen to ur subconcious mind. Take a knowledge. Improve itself.


      1. Don’t worry bro; very soon you will be apprehended that you are f****d up by this company. News Users Kindly Stay Away, they are not paying at all! If you are looking for the alternate plan, then Join because it is just launched & paying users on time.

      2. Hello…

        Lets go point by point.

        * RosneftHedgeFund(RHF) is nowhere connected to Rosneft.
        * RHF isn’t registered anywhere.
        * No one knows about founder and promoters.
        * Truth is, PONZIs are always short lived. Once they make substantial money, they simply vanish in air.
        * No astrologer is needed to tell the ground truth.
        * Genuine Rosneft doesn’t operate Hedge Fund in India.
        * All operations are running either in cash or through cryptos. That itself proves their intentions.
        * RHF agents always denied to repay in US$ even if the member has EEFC account.
        * Whatever you invest in RHF, acknowledgement and fund status is always shown on URL only. Thats virtual only and non trusted. No receipts, no legal status.
        * Hedge Fund Managers are topping in Forbes list, but, they are managinng & representing the gunuine/registered Hedge Funds. RHF isn’t any legal entity. RHF haven’t ever disclosed thir founder/promoters. No point in talking about their Hedge Fund Managers.
        * Dont let other investers get duped in RHF.

        I have already initiated legal action against involved dealers/agents/counsellors.

        Be cautious buddies. Good Luck…!

      3. sir please give me your no. for further disscusion

    2. Hi brother what about gain bit coin its safe or not?how long will company run?
      can you do what’s app on 9177376611

  22. Please help me to know about kashhcoin which is launching recently. What is the objectives and how it works?

  23. Sandip
    Gainbitcoin is very trusted&jenune componey. I had joined it from aug2016. I am getting output from company every 15 days.till the date I have not missed any payout from JOINING.
    They r taking care of 1.payout of Bitcoin
    2safety & security of Bitcoin..
    Currently mr Amit bharadwaj have 151 PETA hash power for Bitcoin mining.when I had joined in aug that time his server power was just 50/PH/S.

  24. Anybody know about ADCN it is safe or not., Please reply,

  25. Rosnefthedgefund real hai ya fraud hai. Invest karna chahiye ya nahi.

    1. fraud hai, please don’t invest

  26. Dear Friends,

    First of all i thank Mr Admin to open this kind of facility for risk analysis.

    I have several question
    1. Why this kind of offers are coming
    2. Why always the foreign companies are offering this facilities
    3. where are this kind of companies in India
    4. why the Reliance, TATA…etc companies are not offering this kinds of offers

    i have experienced end part of this offers, even the police enquire and other issues also….
    please be away form this kind of offers…
    one of my friend is in jail for doing this kind of activities.
    ** at the bad time the manager as well as guider will not meet even din’t receive your call.
    now the member under his ID made a police complaint for re-cover the amount, even you deposited in co account then why are you blaming for that person who trying to get more income for others.

    even and then you want to the same business please keep in mind, now he says you will earn …$ but when the co shuts then he will say go and suicide then you must ready for that with out any question then only invest.

    sorry for those who read and get heart from the above given suggestion. plz don’t spoil faith and trust of common man from his struggle life and the part of income.


  28. Thanks to u and admin also.

  29. Dear admin sir , plz suggest me which indian bitcoin exchange company is trusted .and tell me investing in bitcoin is safe?

    1. Zebpay

  30. Admin sir please tell me
    bitcoin exchanger company main paise lagana kitne had tak fayademand sabit ho sakta hain
    Kis indian bitcoin exchanger pe bharosa karana chahiye

    Plz reply

  31. When this hedge fund started? When it started in India? Where is the locality in Inida? Why you want to enroll members? How you are paying them returns ? How the money invested becomes double in 3 months? Where you will invest money and how you get the ROI so high? How long this investment scheme is valid? Why you pay only in crypto currency? Why not in RTGS/NEFT? Where is the company located? Who are all the fund managers? Is it reliable? or it is a ponzi scheme?

  32. Today I mate some people who has invested in Roseneft hedgefund. Asking me to invest. Min. investment is Rs. 10,000/-.

    What is bitcoin ? Is there any hedgefund co. in which we can invest though profit is less.

  33. Please don’t invest



  36. Rosneft hedge fund is totally fraud
    Is Ka promotion kar re hai unkoo maa- bahen ki galee dekar nanga kar ke maroo
    Aaj mainee do ko sutadaa it’s totally

    1. Please reply

  37. kiu dimag ka dahi kar reheho bhai ….
    Rosneft Hedge Fund / RHFC bahat hi acha company he.
    But return thoda kam aaraha he ……to app sochie company
    zada zada dega to bo bhag ke chalajayega ………
    company ka profeet jitna karega utna hi dega na but slowly slowly
    badhega …..isme koi dikat nei ki company fraud he kis din bhag jayega.


  38. Suggest about tyrocoin. Is it legal and secure or not.

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